Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Month of Dinner Plans

My menu begins as follows: I make a whole chicken at beginning of week, use carcass for making homemade broth to use for a soup of the week (some of the soups will not be shown on the Dinner Plan because they are for lunches). The chicken itself is evenly divided by the number of meals with chicken that week and reserved for those recipes - home cooked chicken makes all the difference in the dishes taste. Otherwise, I prefer Knorr condensed chicken base from GFS market for the broth or soups. A jar of this concentrated base lasts a long time and give more chicken taste without adding high levels of salt. Be sure to check the label and buy the product that lists “chicken” in the list of ingredients FIRST and salt second.

The pot-roast broth is reserved for making a dish of rice later and also as part of the broth for the veggie soup.

I also have fruit with every dinner so that no matter if I move the dinners around to suit our schedule I know there's always fruit. If we had to use the menu for emergencies some adjustments would need to be made, one I would move the fruit to breakfast.

Note: The reason there is Mac & Cheese with Tamale Pie is because my family doesn't care for the first and I for the latter. I don't care for okra, hence the green beans in combination - dh has a freezer full of Okra!

M-Whole Chicken, Potato, Peas, Peaches
T-Tamale Pie, Mac & Cheese, Okra, Fruit Cocktail and Corn Casserole
W-Chicken Salad Sandwiches made with grapes, crackers, sprouts
TH-Boucher Soup, rolls
F-Teriyaki Chicken, Corn, Pineapple
S-Sandwiches or Hamburgers, baked beans, potatoes, applesauce
S-Irish Beef Stew (made day before or in crock-pot ready for Sunday)

M-Chicken Stir Fry, Herbed Rice Pilaf, Oranges
T-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Smoky Tomato Soup
W-Chicken and Rice, peas, applesauce
TH-Cabbage and Kielbasa, Hominy , Peaches
F-Lumpia, fried rice with peas, egg drop soup, peaches
S-Spaghetti and Meatballs, garlic bread, pears
S-Crockpot a pot roast, rolls, applesace

M-Beef and Potatoes Mix, Green beans/okra, pears
T-Mongolian Beef (pineapple, broccoli, noodles, corn)
W-Chili, cornbread/crackers, onion, cheese, peaches
TH-Chicken Rice Pilaf, Peas, Oranges
F-Pork Chops, Hominy, Applesauce, Green Bean Casserole
S-Quick Chicken Cacciatore, Garlic Bread, Peas
S-Tacos and Cornbread Sald (using left-over corn casserole set aside from first week)

M-Easy Chicken Lasagna
T-Salmon Patties or Sardines, Mac & Cheees, Fruit Cocktail
W-Stroganoff, green beans/okra, peaches
TH-Veggie Soup, Rolls, Oranges
F-Chicken and Pineapple, green beans/okra, rice
S-Green Pepper Stuffing, Corn, Applesauce
S-Sloppy Joes (crockpot version) Buns, Hominy, Fruit Cocktail