Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seal a Jar with a FoodSaver!

I absolutely loved seeing this youtube video. This started my creative juices flowing so fast that I just had to get my own FoodSaver. That I did! I've dehydrated shredded and cubed zucchini, tomatoes, bananas, shredded cabbage, lemons, and apple peels so far. Then, I sealed them into either canning jars or reused jars from applesauce. I've been so excited. I will be putting some zucchini and the apple peels into the blender (separately, of course) and making zucchini powder and apple powder to add to foods throughout the year. I've also learned that I can cut cherry tomatoes in half and dry them, then rehydrate them through the winter and use as fresh! That is so exciting. To realize how many cherry tomatoes I've purchased after having watched a faithful cherry tomato plant abundantly producing tomatoes go bad because I couldn't use them fast enough. No more. From now on, I'll be drying ALL of them for use all year round.