Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Own Family Emergency Planning Book

I found this on one of my Yahoo email lists. I thought I would share it. Through time I would like to add to this idea....

Okay, [someone] mentioned... not being able to run to a computer when the going gets tough. while I can't take all the credit for this. It can literally be a lifesaver.

First of all, get some 3 ring binders. preferably the bigger ones. Then get a laser printer. Black and White can be used, but you also might need a color one. Get lots of acid free paper for your laser printer and start printing out all your survival information. Also, you might want to put you and your families personal info on these pages. Never know when a comp or CD will be so much scrap.

Now, why a laser printer and acid free paper? A laser printer burns the info into the paper and then somehow adds the ink. while the ink may itself fade with time. The lasering technique will still allow your info to still be read. the acid free paper, just means the paper will not turn yellow and brittle over time. Oh, it might in 50 or more years, but I doubt that. If you don't believe me on this. Check out those first paperback books that came out in the 50's and 60's. The paper in there can be extremely brittle and definitely yellow or even browned over the years. While most of the more expensive hard bound books, still look very good and are readily readable.Depending on how much information you have. You can use a lot or a few of those 3 ring binders. maybe some smaller 3 ring binders for some things.

Here are some hints for what to put in these binders and how to label them.
Food Storage Recipes
How to Get Potable Water, Including Wells and Witching
Medical, including First Aid
Alan Hagans Food Storage FAQ(300-400 pages)
Animal Care
Ammo Reloading
Computer Repair maybe
A list of your own supplies and where they are
What to take in certain situations
Your Family History(including future records)

and obviously, you can have lots of subjects here.



preparednesspro said...

My husband and I recently compiled several binders worth of our personal emergency preparedness materials that we'd compiled over the years. I couldn't believe how much material we had! This is a great post, considering that many disasters will be accompanied by power outages. No power, no internet. It's a good thing to have these close at hand.