Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Go Shopping Anymore?

Why spend the time, money, gasoline and hassle when you could step outside your back door and grab the same items—fresh, organically grown, non-contaminated, never-to-be-recalled, nor handled by anyone else—in two or three minutes? You won't even have to use your credit card. And the kids could pick their own, which makes it a special treat rather than a chore of having to wash and trim the vegetables from the plastic bags you picked up at the store....

Read the entire article here.


The Prudent Homemaker said...

I just read this article earlier tonight! And I laughed, because we did go pick our fresh lettuce to eat on our tacos from the garden.

ChickenSense said...

This is so true. Last year I went out once at 9pm to milk a cup of milk from our goat so I could finish some pizza dough. Poor goat was already asleep, but I gave her some grain and told her thank you for the milk. The pizza was so good. I love my goats. :)

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