Monday, September 29, 2008

My Canning Jar Poem

Ever wanted to give foods in a canning jar away, but reluctant to let go of so many precious and sometimes hard to find jars? How about using this little poem to aid in the return... perhaps even add a bit about returning it for a refill!? (This has been used with permission by the author)

~My Canning Jar~

To some it's just a little jar,
To me it's so much more.
I have to go in search of these,
~From store, to store, to store.

I fill them up and give them free,
With fruits and so much more.
I wish that I could get them free,
~But canning jars don't grow on trees.

I've worked real hard to fill them up,
And it has been such fun.
`Twould be a special gift to me,
If returned when you are done.

Thank you for recycling.

by Vickie Decker