Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Menu Plan

I just finished putting together a "recipe book" for my family with all our favorite meals that we eat throughout the month and then a couple more than we eat occasionally. You can Find it here! I hope that this is helpful for those who are looking for recipes. Many of them can easily be converted to food storage quality recipes. Eventually, I plan to go through and do the converting and figuring. For now, the first step was to put this together.

When first glancing through the pages you will notice that they are only half the size of a regular sheet of paper. I have a small binder that holds this size (see above photo) and it saves paper. In order to print I choose four pages at a time and then choose 2 pages per sheet.

I have the recipes within the document placed for printing in alphabetical order. In order to do this I had to toggle the recipes around so that they could print on a regular sheet of paper, two per sheet, and then turn the paper over for the next two to be printed on the back and have each recipe end up where it belonged. I'm sure there is an easier way to do this. It would've been easier had I just had one recipe on each regular sized sheet of paper... but, that would've been a lot of wasted paper. For now, that's how I made it happen.

NOTE: I will be updating this document as time goes on, so if you would like to keep track of it I will always leave the updated version to the right in Helpful PDF's Under "Our Menu Plan"

If you have any suggestions, comments, or recommendations... feel free to leave a comment.


riverwalker said...

I just wish I was that organized!