Friday, January 8, 2010

What's In Your Trunk Could Save Your Life

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Last week a couple from Medford, Oregon bought a permit to cut a Christmas tree on National Forest land, and their short trip into the woods lasted 2-days in freezing temperatures because their all-wheel-drive car became high-centered in the snow. Even though they had a cell phone, they were out of range, and apparently up a very deserted back road with no traffic. Fortunately, they could eventually drive themselves to safety (nobody was able to find them, because they failed to leave word where they were going).

None of us plan to get in trouble, but for the unfortunate or careless, trouble finds them anyway. A student driving home for Christmas at the end of fall semester takes a wrong turn and ends up stranded on a dark freezing night. Or a family who cannot leave for Grandma’s house until Christmas Eve because the breadwinner has to work until the last minute, heads out into a snowstorm with the kids in the back seat. Does this sound like you, or someone you care about? Take time now for serious thought about what is in your trunk that can save your family’s life if you are caught by extensive traffic delays, spin out and land in a snowbank, or just run out of gas on a cold lonely road.

Let’s take inventory and clear out the "junk in the trunk”, so we can bring out the stuff that will save your life – the things you need in your Winter Auto Kit.