Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wild Edibles

My husband and I attended a local Wild Edibles class. We went on a nature walk and were introduced to the different local plants are both edible and non-edible. As we went along we took a leave or flower or two and added them to our little zip-lock bag she had given us. Then, when we came back to the tables - which, by the way, we hadn't gone very far to collect all of these - we made a salad and egg rolls.

Here are the recipes she gave us in PDF.
Here are the plant photos that she gave us in pdf

Picture 1: Our salad. We took all our zip-lock bags, washed the contents and then spinned them dry in a salad spinner. Then, it was dumped into this bowl where we added a small bag of store-bought salad mixture, zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes. Instead of salad dressing we used a salad spritzer. The store-bought salad mixture was to help our contents to go farther and to help us understand that, although we could use just wild edibles as our salad, the point is to add to what we already eat.

Picture 2: This is the preparation for our egg rolls. There was Cabbage cole slaw mix, Lamb's quarters, some of the salad mixture that we picked, mushrooms, zucchini, celery and some pesto from garlic-mustard seeds that she had harvested last year.

Picture 3: This is the final version of the egg roll. I poured some of the garlic-mustard pesto over the top and her home-made peach sauce. I ate two egg rolls and could've eaten more. It was delicious. This is the ONLY egg roll that I've ever eaten that didn't have meat and I actually liked.