Thursday, December 11, 2008

Military Crash Resulted in an Evacuation

While recently reading the paper I came across this article about a military jet crashing into a residential neighborhood. The neighboring residents had to evacuate from their homes because the smoke was toxic. Since these things never happen conveniently, someone may have been hungry, need to make phone calls, have something to entertain a little one, have a change of clothes or diapers, or even have some medical needs to address even during this evacuation. Wouldn't it be nice to have this all planned out before an emergency happens? These folks were lucky that they were able to return to their homes. If that didn't happen, then having important paperwork, sleeping bags, and first-aid kits would have been essential.

It may be difficult to wrap our mind around reasons for a 72-hour packet until the moment it becomes too late. The idea is to prepare beforehand and hope they never need to be used. Those who are prepared need not fear.